Wednesday, 26 May 2010


During the process of producing my final major project I have learnt many new techniques with drawing, colouring and adding textures. At the beginning of the project just after finishing Pre Production, I started working on different styles for my characters (which did take me a long time). Now that I’ve finished I feel that I didn’t adventure to a wide range of styles. But I’m glad that I chose this style because it’s the look I was looking for. I feel that I spent too much time on creating the clothes for each character, colour test and character turnarounds. This ate up about five weeks of the project time; this affected the process in the rest of the Tetsu project. Because of this it meant less time on each of the other disciplines. Drawing the character poses helped develop my drawing skills in the use of positioning a character and the use of perspective. Using perspective with my characters has always been my weak point and this project I feel has slightly changed the way I draw, I will continue to develop on this area.

Designing the backgrounds for the Tetsu series took me along time to colour and design because of the detail involved. The use of textures made life a bit easier because the textures brought depth into the images. I feel that the backgrounds slightly differ in design from Pre Production style. This is because I rushed the backgrounds because of the amount of time I had left. I didn’t draw enough props and logos compared to what I imagined due to time. I feel that towards the end of the project, that anything I did was rushed and wasn’t the quality I wanted within the designs, and I feel slightly disappointed in my work. The first insitu with Tetsu running from Nala, I believe this was the best insitu because the other two insitu’s, I was working off the original sketches. I collaborated with Pete Miser from CG to create a 3D model of Calamity because the Tetsu series is designed to be made into a computer animated cartoon, with an outline to the characters and backgrounds. Pete never finished it and hasn’t been in for a long time. Collaborating with Tony Brain worked well; I did the backgrounds for his “Fuzzy Rampage” short film. This gave me the opportunity to try a different style out compared to what I usually design.

The Personal Project was the most rushed thing I have ever done. Because I spent a lot of time into the Tetsu Project I didn’t have much time left on the personal. This led to problems in putting the game together and using scripts. I have learnt not to leave things to the last minute. Overall the book came together okay, with everything I wanted in the book. I plan on putting together a volume 2 book after the glammies

Friday, 5 March 2010

Buisness Coverletter Design

This was a design I came with for my coverletter in a project.
I wanted to show that I can draw anime to the company.

Any Yep it's Rioko

Monday, 25 January 2010

Journal Entry 3


I had a tutorial with Graham today and I had some good feed back about my work, but he did mention about the characters not having much difference in construction between them. I finished the final design of Mayor Lui and the Colour Character Line up.


I had a tutorial with Nicky today and she said roughly the same things as what Graham said.
I hope I do have time change slight things about the characters shape, if I have time.


Concept Design today but not much done today due to being sick.


I spent today writing my bussiness report and did,nt have time to draw or design anything today.
And a tutorial with Matt in the afternoon.


Today I have been drawing some concept designs of the harbor and wrote some more of my bussiness report.

Journal Entry 2


Today I did some concept design work for the cave shrine. I had a tutorial with Graham which was a
great help in laying out my sheet.


Today I started designing Calamity's costume and colour tests, colouring them all up.


Today I started work on Calamity's final costume design and props.


Started sketching out Mayor Lui's design and coming up with some costume designs.


I did Mayor Lui's costume design and colour tests.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Journey Entry 1

Monday 4th Jan 2010
Today I had a chat with my Tutor Graham about what work I had done and what I had left to do within the year. This made think about my time keeping. In work wise I have been doing the colour tests of my character Lily and started designing her final design.

Tuesday 5th Jan 2010
Came in today hopeing to do alot of work, within an hour or two the Uni closed due to the snow, So I only got to start on designing Miguel. In the house I did some more design work.

Wenesday 6th Jan 2010
Today I was hopeing on starting my Bussiness report, but I could'nt because the Uni was closed and so was the libary in my village. So I got on with my colour tests of Miguel.

Thursday 7th Jan 2010
Today I got on with my final costume design for Miguel in the house because I could'nt get into Uni due to the snow within my area.

Friday 8th Jan 2010
Started some on some concept design work after I finished designing Miguels clothes.

Saturday 9th Jan 2010
More of the same as what I was doing yesturday, but I did do some research up the libary for my Bussiness report. I researched on a  company called Ninja Theory.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Christmas Kiss

A christmas design I came up with to say Merry Christmas to everyone.

Calamity Pre- Production Design