Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Candy Land

First anime character that I have drawn in a long time.

Colourful Girl

This was the first time I had every drawn a different coloured person other than white
this was practice for my FMP.

Fan Art - Helalyn Flowers

This is a fan art piece I had drawn of Helalyn Flowers, Awesome band!!!!!!!!

You Mind.........

I had drawn so many different rough drafts of this design. I had some help from my sister the arm.

Having A Drink

This picture took me a long time to draw all the characters together.

Wanna See?

This is a different style I thought I would try with my character Rioko

Sad Song

This is the same character I had drawn for the Hard Rock design image.
I need to make my images flow more

Party On

This is my character Rioko dancing with my fiances character Pisky

Dark Mermaid

I thought I would try something different so here it is.

Ummm Tastie

This is a re-designed picture of  a mermaid i originally had drawn a couple years ago.

Yum Yum Tasty crab!!!!!!!!

Hard Rock

This design was designed for a rock store in blackwood but I decided to pull out because he seemed like he was messing me around.

New Born Fairy

This was the first framed drawing I did before I started drawing a series of them.
This eyes on this pic are a bit off. :(

I Think I Look Cool

Random pose and pic that I came up with :)

Sad Angel

This angel was drawn from a random idea that I came up with early this year.

Cross Girl

This was one of my first rock designs I came up with last year.
This was also the first time I had drawn wings.

Rioko T-Sirt Design

This is my character Rioko I designed to be printed on a t-shirt. Its been roughly
six to seven years since I created her.

Confused Tim

This was some random idea I created of my character Tim.
The image was mostly about create a background.

Girl Hunter

This is a design I did last year for a project :)