Monday, 11 January 2010

Journey Entry 1

Monday 4th Jan 2010
Today I had a chat with my Tutor Graham about what work I had done and what I had left to do within the year. This made think about my time keeping. In work wise I have been doing the colour tests of my character Lily and started designing her final design.

Tuesday 5th Jan 2010
Came in today hopeing to do alot of work, within an hour or two the Uni closed due to the snow, So I only got to start on designing Miguel. In the house I did some more design work.

Wenesday 6th Jan 2010
Today I was hopeing on starting my Bussiness report, but I could'nt because the Uni was closed and so was the libary in my village. So I got on with my colour tests of Miguel.

Thursday 7th Jan 2010
Today I got on with my final costume design for Miguel in the house because I could'nt get into Uni due to the snow within my area.

Friday 8th Jan 2010
Started some on some concept design work after I finished designing Miguels clothes.

Saturday 9th Jan 2010
More of the same as what I was doing yesturday, but I did do some research up the libary for my Bussiness report. I researched on a  company called Ninja Theory.

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